We offer a number of different preschool classes based on the age and ability of each child.  All classes will experience the same holiday parties and special events, however the basic themes and goals will vary.  Each class will also incorporate the goals suggested by the State of Ohio, Early Learning Content Standards.

We have several dozen Chromebooks available for the children to use and technology is taught daily in the classrooms as part of our curriculum.


KINDERGARTEN READINESS CLASS:  This class is the level before the child starts kindergarten.  They will work on the skills they will need for kindergarten (alphabet, numbers,  pre-reading, science, rhyming, patterning, positional concepts, fine and large motor skills) along with art, music, and fun sensory activities.  An evaluation will be done on each child to test for kindergarten readiness and parent teacher conferences will ensure that teacher and parents are on the same page when it comes time for the child to enroll for kindergarten.


KR ENRICHMENT CLASS:  This session is an extension of the Kindergarten Readiness class.  This class will better prepare the child for a longer day, and give them reinforcement of the skills they are learning in the Kindergarten Readiness class.  This class is recommended for any child due to enter kindergarten the next term.  


RAINBOW CLASS:  This class has a different theme every day.  The themes will focus on a particular topic and the children will be learning as they have fun.  My Five Senses, Healthy Foods,  Fire and Personal Safety, and Earth Day are just a few of the many themes they will encounter.  Concepts they will be exposed to are:  colors, shapes, pre-number skills, pre-reading skills, fine and large motor skills,  language skills, art projects and music..


TEDDY BEAR CLASS:  This is the youngest level of preschool we offer, starting at the age of two.  Sharing, group cooperation, listening skills, learning to make independent achievements, and socialization skills are all a big goal in this class.  Music, art, and language development are incorporated into every session, in fun and creative ways.



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